rockn4ever88 (rockn4ever88) wrote in pro_ed,

Name: amanda
Date starting diet: tommorow
Age: 16
Location: cali
BMI: dont know
Height 5'3:
CW: 130!!!!!!!! fuck
HW: 140
STGW: 100
LTGW 100
E.D. type: former ana

So I've managed to gain 5 lbs a few days. How bout that. Im sooo mad and dissapointed with myself. I ate more today than i normally do in like aweek. I dont know whats wrong with me. Im half tempted to start doibng speed again just to get me back on track with my ana.

For those of you who dont know heres the story in short
Last year was about 130...started doing speed...of course ana goes along with that...was ana for a few months got down to 111...then let myself "recover"...the worst thing I could ever have done. My boyfriend saw pictures of me while I was ana..and he was like "whoa you look soo much more alive there your cheekbones are beautiful" that was all the motivation i needed.

I have not been ana in over a year. Im planning on going on a fast (the first time in a year obviously) until christmas. Someone please help..i need support. Im going on a fruit...water and green tea fast. Any suggestions.


Now :( (add like 5 lbs or more onto this pic too thats how bad it is)

please anything. Im desperate!
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