Von (cyndi_lauper) wrote in pro_ed,

Newbie Posts

I'm quite sure many people don't like the "hey, I'm new!" kind of posts, but it here it goes anyway.

Age: 18
Height: 61" (5'1")
Waist: 32" *gasp* [i used to have a 25" waist :(]
HW: 125 lbs
CW: 122 lbs
LW: 95 lbs
GW: 115 lbs

My mother says I have an eating disorder, though I don't believe I do. I'm just very cautious about my weight since I don't want to end up like everyone else in my family did (they are all overweight). I know my goal weight isn't as low as I want it to be but I have to be realistic. I'm going to do this a little at a time and my boyfriend is going to help me by excersizing with me. (I don't like to do it alone) Once I get to my current goal weight I'll keep dropping it every 5 pounds until I'm happy with the weight I reach at the bottom. (I'm really hoping for 100 lbs again) I usually do several fasts and I like to interact with people who are on them as well at the same time. See how progress is going and so forth and lend support--you know? Well, feel free to contact me. My journal is friends only.
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