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Got up early today... ate a piece of toast, with like... hardly any pb.

Went to my lil bro's basketball game. It was cute I suppose. Now him and his friend are chilling here, LOUDLY!! So annyoing... oh welll.

Not really sure what I'm doing today.. hangin out with a guy friend I think.

SF SoBe Adrenaline Rush drinks are THE shit... wow I'm in love with these things
0 cals.. try them sometime!! Wayyy better than SF RedBull, which I was sick of anyway. :-)

How much longer is left in that 10 days under 400 cals thing anamiame started? I've made it so far, but just curious how long I have to check in 2 more days or whatever.

I'm making my journal friends only so... go in and comment on the most recent entry, or comment here if you want to be added :-)

How's everybody else doing??

<3 Meg
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