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I messed up...

I caught a bad cough and I hate taking medicine because I never know how many calories are in it. I feel bad because I kept my roommate up all night coughing. I binged on Halloween. I was drunk and then I got stoned and ate 2 big slices of pizza and ate 5 pieces of Halloween candy. I wanted to kill myself afterwards. I had been going strong for a whole week and I blew it in one night. I gain weight extreamly easily too. That one binge cost me 2 pounds. Oh yes, I went from a productive 116 to a 118 in one night. So, I figure everybody fucks up at some point, I shouldn't get discouraged, and I should just start over. But I do need to change something, I need to stop drinking and smoking pot. I've been meaning to stop doing those things anyway. And think of the money I'll save, not to mention the money I'll save on a months worth of groceries. Bottom line, I'm optimistic.

Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
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